Most Frequent Questions and Answers

With social media sites popping up every day. You might find yourself wondering “what sites do I even need to be on?”. Well we take all the guesswork out of social media from years of experience and hundreds of hours of research. We know exactly what platforms you should be on and to the contrary which ones you should stay off of or avoid. 

Consistency is a major key to amassing a large following online. Here at One Source we know running a business is a full time job and sometimes small details like posting to social media accounts can be overlooked. This hurts your ranking and can ruin your organic reach. 

Just like your a pro at running your business, we are pro’s at social media. Our experts here at One Source have spent hundreds of hours using trial and error to come up with the most effective social media marketing strategies. Our number one focus isn’t having a million followers or being a viral hit. Our number one focus is driving sales for you and increasing your bottom line. This is a key difference between us and our competitors. We don’t get lost in the weeds we know you are here because you want to grow you business and increase sales. So that’s what we focus on. 

  1. The new ranking algorithm designed to judge web pages on how users perceive the experience by interacting with a web page. That means, if Google thinks your website users will have a poor experience on your site — measured by a new set of metrics called Core Web Vitals — Google may lower your rank.

Your brand is a story immersing your customers as the main character & your the guide getting them the experience they desire. Style your audience as the ideal customer who has a problem they need resolving. If you position your brand incorrectly- you will attract customers who don’t need your services or need constant alterations to your service.

Your brand is your reputation. Specify your business to a certain niche audience & seek fonts & color pairings that empower your brand. Creating a brand that has a clear goal & standouts equates to establishing a brand. Don’t make your brand accessible to everyone.

If you are seeking an accurate positioning & clarity with your brand then of course. Sticking to your strategy & marketing assists in spotting red flags early. Your brand strategy should focus on an AIDA model (Awareness, Desire, Interest, & Action). Then lean on several marketing channels for your brand awareness. 

  1. SEO & content marketing- Long-term growth of your business leads to your site ranking higher on the Googles search ladder
  2. Social Media Marketing- Teach each desired social media app’s algorithm to understand what type of service you are offering so the social media apps can share your accounts with your desired audience
  3. E-mail marketing- Best way to inform your audience of any news or coupons.
  4. Paid advertising- Fast growth & ideal for any new business to stand out from the competition. A great way to test your audience reception quickly
  5. User Experience- Create an easy user experience for customers. The simpler the experience the better. 

Start by questioning your brand. Prime yourself with this statement first- A business is a solution to a problem being had. 

    1. Why does your business exist? 
    2. What differentiates you? 
    3. What problem do you solve?
    4. why should people care?

To consistently grow your business you must value the time you spend reading & analyzing your reports since they will determine what steps you need to take. How to read your reports comes in two forms Qualitative & Quantitative. Qualitative research is ideal for new products or testing. Quantitative informs you about long-term research.  Also, seek to understand when your business must adapt its positioning. Preparing to succeed in the market is crucial for your business. Make sure you can gather as much data as possible so you can make the best decision.

Thankfully the internet has made it widely accessible to create content for your business. The bad thing is that you still need to understand the principles of design & be willing to commit many hours towards creating digital content. First, start by organizing your files, create forms, and spreadsheets in Google’s workspace. Use Canva for accessible digital creation. Use free Google fonts & learn how to pair your fonts. Use Calendly to set appointments for your services. The main task at this point is to stay consistent with your brand & clients.

Time & experience********** We are ideal for business owners that are too busy or don’t have enough experience to be handling any of the aforementioned topics. Stay consistent with your day-to-day business & we worry about the changing economical environments, Forecasting, & your voice. On top of all that we also use the top of line software and tools to make sure your website stands out from the competition.